Loose Seal 2

May 24

Catcall Rant

Other people have been talking about catcalls lately, and I wanted to throw in my experience from yesterday, because it seemed fitting.  I stopped to get gas, and could only put 1/4 of a tank in because there was some old drunk guy there harassing me.  He would not leave me alone while I was at the pump, and his friends who he was with (2 other guys) did nothing.  I felt so uncomfortable and threatened by him in my personal space and not leaving me alone, that I just stopped pumping and left.  I feel guilty about not standing up for myself because I know I should call people out on their b.s.  But I am all alone here, my husband is on deployment, and I have not a single person to turn to if I need help and I just don’t feel safe.  And I’m sure that guy thought I was going to be sooo flattered, and he was being sooo suave.  Gross.  

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